White and Groove the right combination

Published on September 29th, 2018

By Jim Dail

It’s always a great experience when two superstars go on tour together, and the same is true with Peter White and Euge Groove.

They are no strangers to the stage together, nor the studio.

White has been gracing the pop and jazz world since the ‘70s, from Al Stewart’s guitarist to an epic career as a solo guitarist.

In the past, the pair have recorded such hits as “Rain down on Me,” “Bella Maria” and “Another Perfect Moment.”

And the pair plan on making a CD together in the near future.

“Yeah, I do tend to get a lot recorded, about every year and a half a new record,” said Groove, who will join White on Saturday on stage at Thornton Winery as part of the 2018 Champagne Jazz Concert Series. “With Peter and me, we have worked before together, and promoters put us together for this tour.”

But that in no way means they didn’t want to get together.

“I love playing with Euge,” White said.

One of the first things many people think is it is a different kind of pairing. After all, Groove is a noted saxman who likes to get funky with lots of energy on stage, while the vision of White is that he a calm English guitar player.

“Promote that image of the soft spoken guitar player,” laughed White. “The thing really is that I only have one voice. That’s why I’m soft spoken. I saw Steven Tyler inducting AC/DC into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He has a fantastic voice, just goes on forever. People see me in stage and see me really getting into it and people are surprised that I became a wild man and they will tell me that they thought I was quiet and reserved.”

Groove seconds that.

“You’d be surprised at how funky Peter gets,” said Groove.

It makes for a lot of fun.

“Euge is very funky and I was quoted once by someone saying that ‘Peter White doesn’t like funk’ which I thought was remarkable,” White said. “What I was trying to say is that funk is not the beat all end all. I grew up listening to rock and Motown and funk.”

But he is aware of how it looks.

“What was funny is we did some shows with Keiko Matsui, and she’s at the far end of the stage and she plays very melodic and more classical in her approach,” White said. “I am in middle of the stage, and Euge is on the other side, totally funky. I’m in the middle of how they sound and I was standing in the middle of the stage.  That’s very prescient.”

When they do get together for a new record, there’s no telling how it will sounds.

“I try to work a song that sounds good for whoever I’m working with, in this case Peter,” Groove said. “And I sometimes have a lot of thoughts going through my head, and lately I’ve been listening to a lot of ’80s rock songs, like Chicago, Huey Lewis and Toto. It’s the power ballad stuff. That’s what I hear, and then the melody and the production. Those songs had great production. And then I think of the lyrics.”

This will be a first for White.

“I’ve never done a collaboration record that wasn’t a Christmas album,” White said. “I’ve done plenty of songs on records with other people but never one whole album.”

In the meantime, they are having fun just being on the stage together.

“We have a huge catalog,” Groove said. “It can be difficult to whittle it down, but at Thornton, we do two sets so we can pick a lot of songs.”

White points out it was an endless supply of hits.

“Picking the best of our songs means it doesn’t let up because there is one hit after another,” he said. “We just picked the songs we like to do.”



When:  7 p.m., Saturday, September 29

Where: Thornton Winery, Temecula

Admission: General admission: Sold Out. Gourmet supper: Sold Out

Information: Call 951-699-3021 or visit Website, www.thorntonwine.com


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